Check out this great piece on the Reno’s connection to Burning Man. From the piece below: “[Burning Man] was seen as really counterculture and niche, and now it’s part of our community.”

The Burning Man festival is held at the end of every summer

Burner Boom: As Reno Reinvents Itself, It Looks to Burning Man By Cicely Wedgeworth | Aug 19, 2019 Around this time of year, a deluge of fantastical images takes over social media: vehicles tricked out to look like animals or video game characters; people clad in outrageous outfits, or nothing at all; and surreal, giant sculptures with people…

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Things to Consider When Buying a Green Home

It is good to think of looking for an eco-friendly home when you begin your home buying process. Apart from being environmentally friendly, an eco-friendly house saves you from spending a lot of money by eliminating the need for certain resources. Here are some factors to consider when buying an eco-friendly home: Building materials The…

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5 Tips to renovate your new home within budget

Renovation of your homes needs detailed planning

It is common to renovate a house when there is a need to make it more beautiful and more comfortable for those in it. It is essential to consider the home renovation plans as a project that needs a budget and proper planning. A great way to handle a home renovation is to plan it…

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Reasons You May Not Want to Pay Off Your Mortgage Early

Deciding not to pay off ahead on your mortgage can be a decision made because you want to divert your cash to another investment. If you have an investment that is certain to yield interest or because you have a certain way you have planned your finances, paying the full mortgage earlier than due has…

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